How Much For A Smile?

HMFASOne of the challenges we all face is to determine what our motivation is in life?  Everything we do in life is not as Freud said focused on and driven by sex.  It all comes down to the 11 muscles in our face.  The pursuit of happiness is in the simplest form determined by whether or not we smile.  Think of the effort we expend everyday and over a lifetime in ...

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Tinkering on The Edge of Passion

"To live the life we are capable and deserving of or maintain the status quo"?  Now there is a great question. My wife who is one of the nations top nutritionists has often said, "Food never tastes as good as health feels".  So true.  Those who taste health understand the value of the occasional trade off for the second basket of bread during dinner.  If there was ever one great skill I would seek to possess it would be the ability to allow everyone and anyone to taste their own passion.  If only for just a moment.  If I were ...

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Don't Wish For It To Get Better. It Is

"Oh, if only this would change" the person says. "Then I would be able to get this done or accomplish that".  Some would think this weakness. I know it for what it is which is conditioning.  We are conditioned throughout our entire lives to look for the pitfalls and to own the excuses rather than simply rolling up our sleeves and getting busy with the task of doing.  A client forwarded on a link to an e-mail of where technology is going.  If you would like to watch it here is the link.  Continue Reading

They Broke It, You Fix It

I know this may appear eschew to what you are used to seeing or hearing but it's the truth.  It's critically important to know that what gets broken for us all was perfect when we were born.  That thing was our belief  system.  When we first arrived there was not a blemish or smudge on it anywhere.  Over time.  Over days and weeks and months and years the surface became pitted and scarred and clipped and torn.  Every time the world said "you can't" the tank that fuels our belief dropped a bit more and a bit more.  After decades ...

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Give the Earth a Hug

In order to create anything, we need the ingredients to make it happen.  Even when you are looking to make lemonade you need lemons to make it possible.  The greatest challenge we all have is not the ingredients or opportunity, its the voice inside our head challenging our potential.  If you want to improve your health the elements are out there to make it happen.  If you want to grow your business there are clients waiting to be found.  To improve the lives of our families there is time we can carve out to spend with them to make it ...

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When Will You Sail?

What we do during the course of our lives comes down to in the simplest terms to what we decided to do.  Often times our decisions or choice become mired in the noise and opinions of the world around us.  Early on we learn to choose what foods we like.  What shows we watch.  What people we have as friends.  As the years go by these choices appear to take on a more sobering overtone.  What education to get.  What job to take.  Who to marry, whether to have children or not and if you want fries with that.  So ...

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Why Do You Suppose That Is?

Change happens so gradually it is hard to notice just how incredibly far we have come.  I was looking something up on the Internet the other day and it made me think of something that Jim Rohn said to an audience years ago.  He was talking about the importance of gaining knowledge and the fact that less than 3% of the population had a library card and they are free!  Noting that all of the knowledge of mankind is contained in a library.  He went on to pose the question, "Why is it than in the homes of almost every wealthy ...

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How Do You Show Up In The Media

We live in an age of instant messaging and permanent record.  I remember when I first started in broadcasting.  Back in the early 80's pretty much the only source for a story were the reporters themselves.  It was rare that a member of the public would be the source or capture an event on camera.  Also what was reported was almost exclusively the choice and purview of the media.  Not so today.  Every one of us with a cell phone camera or Facebook page or Twitter account can fill in for the nightly news.  It's different today.  The record of ...

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Play Your Best Song When No One's Watching

We just need to get better.  Jim Rohn once said, "If you want more you just need to become more".  That's it really.  When we are born we come into this world kicking and screaming. Sleeping and eating and not much else.  All the actions we invest in over the days and months and years develop who we are and what we are capable of.  Think of any skill you have.  Chances are when you first began you were terrible.  I was.  The first time you played the guitar. Cooked a meal.  Made a sale.  Wrote a letter.  It is ...

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Don't Wait For Perfection

Have you ever noticed the excuses that pop up in your mind to put something off until, well, tomorrow?  These excuses are the expression of the doubt created in our minds through the experiences of life.  Some of the experiences are actually our own.  Most however are put there through the power of suggestion from everyone and everything around us.  One of the great examples of the excuse of doubt comes ...

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