There is enough time

NBC or do it for me. Here is something I hear quite often. “I just don't have time to get any of my stuff done. I don't have time to work out or to read or meditate or relax or anything”. Sound familiar? If it does you are not alone. It would appear that we live in a hyper paced world today. Deadlines and snarled traffic. Families and financial responsibilities. Communication 24/7 and a things to do list longer than the Nile. “Where is it possible to find time for yourself?” There is time and it's all about ...

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From Pain to Passion

From pain to passion. "How do I get there"? is the common refrain. That's what life is afterall. The constant search and subsequent action to idenity what matters in life and then to breath life into it. A great many, including a signifigant number in my business beleive that it is pain that pushes us to do what is necessary to acheive our goals. It does, but only in the short term. The pain of saying, "I'm not going to live like this anymore" is often the impetus to drive activity. Dying of thirst will cause us to walk many ...

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The sorcery of the calendar.

The sorcery of the calendar. So. The new year is beginning to set in and all of our hopes and dreams of what the year will bring still remain a pulse in your heart and a glint in your eye. "Will this be it?". Will this be the year when it all comes together and all the tumblers fall into place?". I spent the early hours of the morning thinking about this. I wondered if this fixation for us all on the new year in itself is a major contributor to our lack of results. Here's the conclusion I came ...

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The 30 minute threshold

The 30 minute threshold. This business of personal and professional development is not an exacting science. It can't be. No two of us have ever or ever will be the same. There are however general rules and guidelines to achieving our goals. Common sense philosophies like "All achievements are borne of action" provide clues as to how to get there. One of these such rules that I have found to be a constant is the length of time we take to act upon an inspired thought. "Inspiration without perspiration is the recipe for delusion" Jim Rohn once said. And so it ...

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It can't affect you anymore.

It can't affect you anymore. Here is the process of self-limiting behaviour that steals away promise and success, possibility and potential. Something happens. The events in our lives or the experiences we have create an imprint or memory. That memory can be called upon at any time and replay past events in our lives. Often times it is the reliving of these past events that are the root cause of doubt and challenge. When you take just a moment to consider that the vast majority of what stops us are little more than thoughts, born of memories from the past, ...

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A Belated Gift

By now the plate of left over turkey is beginning to shrink, sweaters have found a home on the top shelf and pictures and video have captured the memories of another holiday season to be looked back over and cherished in years to come. I have struggled and thought long and hard what to get you. The people who read these words are made up of clients and subscribers, family and friends. People who mean a great deal to me. I wanted this gift to be something that would fit everyone, yet be special and unique just for you. Music ...

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Driven By Passion, Not By a Calendar

It has been said a great many times that to repeat an action again and again and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. Very true, yet very unusual how often we get pulled down that rabbit hole. It's that time of the year again. New Year's resolution time. Year end planning time. Setting new goals time. Changing the calendar time. Consider this. "Why is it that the vast majority of goals that are set as a new years resolution are never achieved?" The answer is quite simple actually. There is very little that is motivating about a ...

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