Stop Stopping

Overview This video begins with the question, “What happens if I stop stopping”. Close to 40 years of study into the science of human behaviour is contained in this one short video. The greatest challenge in life we will likely ever face is the voice of doubt in our head that challenges everything we are trying to accomplish. The process of failure and the path forward to success is clearly spelled out in this video. This is the cornerstone ...

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Success is There For the Asking

Can’t seem to get results.  JUST ASK! Perhaps one of the most difficult challenge in life is to recognize they can be solved by the most simplistic answers. Know this. There is an answer for absolutely……….. ANYTHING A very close friend of mine contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I would become part of an advisory council for his company. He owns a very successful consulting ...

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The Magic of Success

Sometimes, the messenger may not be whom you would expect, yet the message is crystal clear. A number of years ago I heard comedian Steve Martin say, “Ya gotta wanna” That’s it………………… We have witnessed remarkable stories throughout the history of mankind and the incredible resolve to do what had to be done when the need overwhelmed  inaction. In the early and mid-1900's when our freedom and ...

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Taylormade Leadership

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