Faith and Doubt Live in the Same House

Faith and doubt live in the same house. The cornerstone of all personal and professional growth comes down to this. Belief or doubt. Whatever you believe you are good at generally turns out well. Whatever you doubt generally does not turn out so well. "I really don't think I am a good public speaker and in fact I'm afraid of it" says the man; and so the speech goes poorly, stuttering and stammering and losing his way. "I am a great parent" says the woman and the child grows up tall and straight with passion and kindness and ...

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This could be the day

Another Monday in the bowl of......jellybeans. Metaphorically speaking we all get one; a bowl of jelly beans that is. The jelly beans represent our days. What transpires in all of our lives is that we begin each day as an unknown. That's the fascinating aspect of life I guess. The not knowing. The anticipation of what each day and month and year and life will bring. I wrote about this quite a long time ago, when during a seminar I was attempting to illustrate how important each day is. How precious each and every moment we are ...

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Stop Stopping-The Key to All Success

Stop stopping. During a group session we were talking about what it was that leads to the majority of failure. There is no question that each of us has the ability to make real what we imagine. What happens to us all along the road to success is that we stop. We stop the activity. We stop the forward motion. We stop doing what is required. For all those times when a goal was not met we can no doubt look back and point to the exact moment when we stopped. Quit. Ended the activity that we knew was necessary ...

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Hiring keynote speakers in Canada

Getting it right: Hiring keynote speakers in Canada. Throughout my entire career, here is what I have learned very clearly. That the person in charge of booking keynote speakers in Canada has the weight of the world on their shoulders to get it right and here is why. From the outset this is what is being asked of them. To clearly understand the goals and objectives of 50 or 100 or 1000 of their peers at a conference. Then scour Canada and go through all the keynote speakers available. Then they have to try and match background, topic, presentation style, experience, budgets, and ...

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