The Power of Focus

HOW MUCH LIFE WE ARE MISSING When I learned how little we are here and how distracted we all are and how much life we are missing I quickly discovered two things. I had to change Anyone could do it Improving our ability to focus and learning to live in the moment is perhaps the most important and most often overlooked element of personal and professional development. Improving our ability to focus will have a dramatic impact on long term results, ...

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Success and Failure

Overview The difference between success and failure is so much less than most know and understand.     Key Points If Oprah calls you don’t need this information  If Oprah does not call there are a few of the right things you need to do daily   Take Away’s  It is the compound effect of what we do and what we don’t do that will have a dramatic impact on your life.   Don&...

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Belief: The Path to Success

How do we succeed? We believe. It’s that simple. The process of life is all related to believe. It starts here and it ends here. This is something that troubles millions of people every day. It may be something that troubles you. “Why am I not doing what needs to be done to be successful”?   Ah, see if you truly believed in yourself that question would fade to black.   &...

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How To Use Your True Potential

What are you really capable of….. This question is as old as time. Connecting belief to what we are truly capable of is the greatest quest of mankind. Our greatest driver. Our true mission of our time here on earth. We all hear far too often that we have great potential. The question begs, “How do we begin to make use of it”?

Key Points You will learn ...

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Your Path To SUCCEED

Don't just stand there!  I'm not sure of exactly when it was, but I think I was about 18 at the time. I was driving with a girlfriend along the service road that ran parallel to the highway when we passed a very bad accident. I stopped the car, jumped the fence and approached the scene. Several cars were involved. A number of people were injured and lying on the grass medium.  A ...

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Lessons I Learned From a Dog

Life’s Teachers …………………Come in All Shapes and Species Stress. How can we learn to handle it better? I now know that our teachers in life come in all shapes and sizes and of every description. One of my best teachers was also one of my best friends. She was with me right up until her 98th year. Dog years that is. Her name was Jessie; our golden ...

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How to Develop a Winning Attitude

”It’s Not the News” The most important element of personal growth I have learned in nearly 40 years of study is that the strength of our belief determines who we become, what we can create and what we can have. ANYTHING That runs counter to that is your enemy.  PERIOD This just in………Details are beginning to filter in of a breaking news story that could rock the foundation ...

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Life’s Most Important Conversations

Conversations you can change! The most important conversations we will ever have are conversations we don’t have with anyone else. These are conversations we typically refer to as thinking but are the most important and are responsible for preventing us from being the person we dreamed of being.     Key Points Conversations we have with ourselves Why that I don’t wake up feeling more confident? Why am I not getting the results I ...

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