Pull the Trigger

What is possible inside of all of us for today and tomorrow and the rest of our time here sadly remains pent up for most. During a presentation today I flipped to the next slide and saw a picture of a runner in the starting blocks. What we were talking about was elite performance and what it takes to not only define it but to engage in the activity to bring it into reality. While driving back after the presentation the picture stuck in my mind. The picture of the runner holding fast to the starting blocks. What came to ...

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Check the Inside Voice

It is difficult to quantify thought. Where does it originate? What causes it and what is the exact mechanism responsible for thought? Science truly does not have a firm understanding or answer to these challenging questions but what I know is that the output of thought is "the voice" we hear in our heads everyday. It is interesting that we are counseled and trained since we first learn to speak as to proper etiquette and expectations of the structure of society. "When addressing adults we were told years ago you were to say Mr. or Ms or Mrs. When asking ...

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Another Monday in the Bowl of Jelly Beans

We all get one; a bowl of jelly beans. The jelly beans represent our days. What transpires in all of our lives is that we begin each day as an unknown. That's the fascinating aspect of life I guess. The not knowing. The anticipation of what each day and month and year and life will bring. I wrote about this quite a long time ago, when during a seminar I was attempting to illustrate how important each day is. How precious each and every moment we are given are. I told the story of the jelly beans. In this story ...

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The Power of Leadership

Being a leader is a key element in all forms of human existence and interaction. Leadership is perhaps the most discussed and least understood aspect of business and life. Most relate leadership to power, and it is. Where the power is derived from is often mistaken. The misnomer is that a leader does not exhibit power but rather derives power from others. They are merely the conduit. The existence of power does not come from the leader but rather to the leader. The greatest quality of a leader is to instill an unshakable belief in another. It is after all ...

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Life's Lessons From the End Looking Back

A good client and dear friend passed along an article to me that summed up so much of what we all need learn about life right now. The article he forwarded was from a palliative care worker. In his time working with those facing the end of this leg of the journey he wrote of what he learned and as such what we all need to know now before it is out turn. He wrote; When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, common themes surfaced again and again. Here are the most common five: 1. ...

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Your Only True Compass

I work in the field of discovery and adventure. At least that's how I hope it goes with everyone I have the great fortune to work with. The adventure part is striking out to do what is necessary to breathe life into the dreams that became apparent during the discovery phase. That's the part I think most people truly struggle with. "What do I really want to do with my life?" is the common refrain that far too often goes unanswered. It struck me during a conversation with a client today that we may be using the wrong tool to ...

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To One Day Say I Made a Difference

I read a quote years ago that had a profound effect on how I looked at life. It said. "What you possess in the world will be found at the day of your death to belong to someone else. But what you are will be yours forever". Henry Van Dyke. When I read that it made me think, "Really? Everything I own immediately belongs to someone else?" True. That cold hard fact made me switch to thinking about the second part. "What you are will be yours forever". Death will take away your home and car and bank account and ...

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Yes We Can

Believing that reaching for the stars and making it is reserved for others is one of the great human flaws. Those in life that we look upon and wonder how they achieved what they did for too many remains the puzzle. The adage "for them and not me" is a refrain as common as black flies in June. Amazing really that our belief in others can be so strong and yet so fragmented when we look in the mirror. If you asked anyone who has made it they will no doubt look puzzled when asked how they got there. Their ...

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That Will Happen When an Apartment Building Flies!

The goals we set in life can appear monumental and so out of reach. The simple act of doubt is what can water down dreams and turn goals into wishful dalliances. Here's where I think all this comes from. Comparatives and averages. We live in a time when most everything we would want or become has been accomplished. I know this won't always be the way but for now it's a relatively safe bet. As such then we are easily able to compare our own lot with that of those who have what we long for. The fewer the comparatives ...

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