How To Write The TRUE STORY OF ‘YOU’

What am I really capable of and what’s holding me back? My life’s work is focused on understanding the power of the mind and helping others to move beyond what holds them back and make the shift towards their own true potential. “Figure out what you want in life and go get it” In essence that’s what we ...

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Hiring Conference Speakers

You Don’t Have To Settle for “Not Much” Here’s the QUESTION to Ask:  What if your people used what they learned? Being tapped as the person to hire a speaker for an upcoming conference can be a daunting and stressful task.  Questions immediately arise when considering a choice of speaker, Will they show up on time? Will they be polished? Will their message be on target with the audience? Will their presentation be ...

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Belief: Yes You Can

Overview Belief is the single greatest element necessary in the soup of human success. It always was and always will be so. The story told in this video is one of the greatest illustrations of the power of belief and what is possible.  What rises up from the human spirit in the face of insurmountable odds.  This is a story that will stick with you for the rest of your life and will prove what you are truly capable of. ...

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Stop Stopping

Overview This video begins with the question, “What happens if I stop stopping”. Close to 40 years of study into the science of human behaviour is contained in this one short video. The greatest challenge in life we will likely ever face is the voice of doubt in our head that challenges everything we are trying to accomplish. The process of failure and the path forward to success is clearly spelled out in this video. This is the cornerstone ...

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Success is There For the Asking

Can’t seem to get results.  JUST ASK! Perhaps one of the most difficult challenge in life is to recognize they can be solved by the most simplistic answers. Know this. There is an answer for absolutely……….. ANYTHING A very close friend of mine contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I would become part of an advisory council for his company. He owns a very successful consulting ...

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The Magic of Success

Sometimes, the messenger may not be whom you would expect, yet the message is crystal clear. A number of years ago I heard comedian Steve Martin say, “Ya gotta wanna” That’s it………………… We have witnessed remarkable stories throughout the history of mankind and the incredible resolve to do what had to be done when the need overwhelmed  inaction. In the early and mid-1900's when our freedom and ...

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The Power of Focus

HOW MUCH LIFE WE ARE MISSING When I learned how little we are here and how distracted we all are and how much life we are missing I quickly discovered two things. I had to change Anyone could do it Improving our ability to focus and learning to live in the moment is perhaps the most important and most often overlooked element of personal and professional development. Improving our ability to focus will have a dramatic impact on long term results, ...

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Success and Failure

Overview The difference between success and failure is so much less than most know and understand.     Key Points If Oprah calls you don’t need this information  If Oprah does not call there are a few of the right things you need to do daily   Take Away’s  It is the compound effect of what we do and what we don’t do that will have a dramatic impact on your life.   Don&...

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Belief: The Path to Success

How do we succeed? We believe. It’s that simple. The process of life is all related to believe. It starts here and it ends here. This is something that troubles millions of people every day. It may be something that troubles you. “Why am I not doing what needs to be done to be successful”?   Ah, see if you truly believed in yourself that question would fade to black.   &...

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How To Use Your True Potential

What are you really capable of….. This question is as old as time. Connecting belief to what we are truly capable of is the greatest quest of mankind. Our greatest driver. Our true mission of our time here on earth. We all hear far too often that we have great potential. The question begs, “How do we begin to make use of it”?

Key Points You will learn ...

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