It's all possible if you don't stop

If you keep going you'll find the wipers.  One question that I continue to ask in sessions and seminars is this.  "If you set a goal, find out what is necessary to achieve it, begin to invest in the activity and you don't stop is any goal possible"?  The resounding answer from most everyone is "of course".  Given this, what is necessary to have what we desire then is to "stop stopping".  During the early morning hours of any pursuit it feels strained and difficult and unknown.  The reason being that it's new to us.  The effort required must in ...

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Growth is evident in the mirror

Growth is evident in the mirror.  One of the great challenges when considering embarking on a new direction with new goals and dreams is to first get the mind to buy into it.  After all, it is belief that is the single greatest tool involved in the success process.  Here is where you should look for inspiration.  In the mirror.  I want you to consider for a moment the current job you are in. Then consider this.  What if the person you were on the first day when you stepped into your new career had a chance to ...

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Leadership means staying focused

"Don't get distracted by the shiny things". "If you want a wonderful authentic life, stay focused on what matters".   That sure is easy to say and certainly not so easy to do.  Those things in life that distract and keep us from our own path don't often hold up to scrutiny upon reflection.  The truth is that the world is rushing towards us at, well, the speed of life.  It's not easy to filter out what's real and what matters from what does not earn or deserve our attention.  Being aware and grounded in our own values I think is ...

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The Power of Your Words

Your words will come back to you.  The subject of getting what you are getting by doing what you are doing has been discussed and debated and pondered for generations.  "You reap what you sow"  is likely the most famous, coming from the Bible, Galatians VI.  What a great philosophy of life in just those few words.  We reap health when we go to the gym. We reap educated children when we take the time to teach them.  We reap a bank account through the exchange of goods and services. Whatever we put out comes back to us in kind.  ...

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Learning to Dance in the Rain

Learning to dance in the rain.  Take a moment and think of how many perfect days you have had so far in life.  I expect the answer is not in the thousands or likely even the hundreds.  The more I get to experience life the more I realize just how precious it is and how important all the hours in all the days are.  The mind has a way of tricking us into believing that if we can just get through “this”, then life will be great and we will be able to enjoy the day.  The truth ...

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What will be your legacy?

Leave someting beautiful behind. In study after study when defining employee satsifaction, salary or remuneration almost never make the top 3 on the list.  Belonging, mattering, making a difference always make the top 3.  Defining our purpose is an often pushed off component of life.  "Why am I here and what difference am I making" is I believe one of the great keys to living a balanced happy life. The definition of this extends beyond our time here on this journey.  "What will I leave behind?  What did my life stand for?  What impression will be left long after I am gone?"  ...

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Your attitude matters

Your attitude matters. Jim Rohn once said, “People say that others should not judge you. Here's a clue. They do”. There's a fine line between how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. It's one thing to say that we don't care what others think of how we dress or how we act or how we speak, but fact of the matter is that the perception of the world around us will affect how it interacts and what it offers our own life. This interaction affects business, relationships, opportunities and experiences. I was presented ...

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