Get Off The Roller Coaster

Getting off this ride will change your life The illustration of the first slide of the roller coaster shows the stark reality of what happens to so many. Those we see in life and admire for their level of accomplishment and success have discovered what is necessary to stay off of this ride. What most don’t realize is that it is so much less than you think.

Key Points When you are at the top ...

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Living With Passion

You don’t have to settle What we are all capable of is totally linked to our level of belief and belief drives action.  Action is made possible by drive.  Drive comes from our…….. PASSION Key Points money is an important element of life but it is not everything success is designing your own life and pulling it off achieving your goals will come from ...

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How To Find Your Purpose

It all matters.  Everything in life has a point and offers the chance to see our lives from a different perspective or to have our own, sometimes fledgling beliefs strengthened. This story came to me before, but the words written on the pages of the book given to me as a birthday present from my father-in-law settled into that part of the brain where I took notice. The book is called "The Last Lecture". Continue Reading

How To Do What The Winners Do

Are you growing? We have no doubt all heard the adage, "If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail". This philosophy applies to all areas of life. One aspect that is often overlooked is attention to the big picture or master plan of growth itself. Since we were likely too small to appreciate the concept, we have been told over and over again, "Look after the nickels ...

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How To Really Live - What is Your Philosophy?

Life is not just about money               In the movie Forest Gump, he was sent a letter from his lawyers telling him his money had been invested and he was now worth a fortune and he would not have to worry about money ever again.  He thought for a moment and said, “Well that’s good.  One less thing to worry about” I want ...

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The Secret to Success

  This excerpt from one of my keynote presentations deals with the most important element of science about human behavior and potential any of us could ever learn.  “What is stopping you is not real”     The process and this discussion represents the culmination of almost 40 years of the study of the science of human behavior. Learning this information and committing to working on changing it will open the doors to your own potential you may not ...

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We Don’t Have to Settle

We have all heard it said that we should love live our lives and let the song inside of us die.  We all have more potential than we will ever be able to comprehend really.  The philosophy necessary for all of us to become what we are deserving of is to pursue with a vengeance what we are really capable of.  Whatever it is that stirs emotion inside of you here is the key, “Don’t have a plan B” What we covered, You can go for it at any point in life This ...

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We Become What We Focus On

  One of the great questions of life is, “How do we create what we want and become the person we expect we truly are inside” At the most basic level here is the process of life we must understand. Action creates a result. Inaction creates nothing. The challenges you may be experiencing have nothing to do with your ability. They are completely interrelated and connected to what you believe. What we believe is linked to what we experience. The key to all of this is to know that the information we take in over ...

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