The World is at Your Door

The world is at your door.  I had to stop by the grocery store on the way home and noticed how many products come from places other than here.  Produce from the US and Mexico and beyond.  Canned good from the Orient.  Newspapers in many languages from the four corners of the globe.  What a great place to live.  What opportunities we have that surround us everyday that we may not even take notice of. Canada has often been called a melting pot.  What it truly has become is a magnet.  A magnet for products.  A magnet for ...

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Of course, donkeys!

"Of course, donkeys".  Ask yourself this question.  "How many times have I worried and stressed and feared over something in life and it never came to pass?"  Now that I have asked a question that applies to absolutely everyone, here is the truth.  Fear of the unknown is one of the great thieves of life.  Fear and stress steal away moments and opportunity.  Health and vitality.  Productivity and enjoyment.  The fears we have, if viewed from a short distance can melt away under examination when compared to reality.  I have an app on my I-phone called "Cool facts".  While waiting ...

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Now you see them, now you don't

Now you see them, now you don't.  I can say with full confidence that for every one of us opportunity exists everywhere.  That's why they call this "the land of opportunity".  Just outside of our door, down the street, across town, in another province or on the internet they are there if you look.  Opportunities.  Opportunities to meet new friends, to earn new clients, to discover new ideas and learn new skills.  Opportunity is the seed of the oak tree.  Without opportunity nothing grows.  I also know that on some days they are hard to see.  On the ...

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The Yin and Yang of Life

"The yin and yang of life".   I have told the story often of the jellybeans of life.  As the story goes we are all given a huge jar of red jellybeans the day we are born.  Each day we get to take one out but don't have any idea what's inside because they are all red and all look exactly the same.  The sad reality is that far too many people toss them away as there's no way of knowing what's inside. “I'll find out tomorrow” they say, not realizing what was inside of that jellybean is now lost ...

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Life Is Better Than You Think

So much better than you think.  The mind is a funny thing.  Most times the feedback we get from that little guy or girl in our head about the direction we want to take is negative.  “This might not happen and here are all the reasons why” it says. Rarely will we hear the voice push us to believe in our dreams far beyond what may appear possible in the moment.  I arrived at a presentation early one morning and had time to stop into the local Tim Horton's.  Standing in line with some 20 or 30 others for ...

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