What's right or what's popular?

What's right or what's popular?  The journey of personal development and achieving all we are deserving of in life is never a straight path and often involves sacrifice, commitment and character.  We see it time and time again that in pursuit of wealth and celebrity,  character is often sacrificed at the alter of greed.  Character should never be for sale.  Character is who we are. Who we become.  What we are remembered by.  If you want to truly understand character and how important it is, listen closely to the words of a eulogy at a funeral.  “Kind, generous, ...

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The Gift of Belief

The Gift of belief.  Wondering what to get that special someone in your life or the hard to buy for co-worker or neighbor?  Here is one of the most generous, useful and unique gifts you could ever give another person.  Belief.  Total, unequivocal, wonderful, loving, supportive belief.  The reason why lies within the scenario of what happens to almost all of us.  We have an idea. The idea excites us and we have an emotional connection.  Then we roll it around inside our head to view it from different sides.  Then, as with most ideas, that great Rolodex ...

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Your invisible tattoos

Your invisible tattoos.  We are born perfect.  I was, you were, we all were.  It is the experiences of life that begin to populate the files in the subconscious mind that begin to overtake choice and slowly turns belief into doubt.  These experiences leave marks and scars and at times can feel impossible to move past.  The challenges we have had. The obstacles we have encountered.  The failures we have endured have all left a mark on our belief system.  The truth is that while the memory of an experience may remain, in substance its not real.  Often times the ...

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There are footprints on the road less traveled

There are footprints on the road less traveled.  Figuring out what we want from life and making it our reality should not really be so fraught with obstacles and pitfalls.  After all, we live in a free country, have access to education and opportunity and a built in potential market for most anything we could imagine.  So why is it so difficult for so many to live an authentic life?  A happy life.  A life devoted to what we love to do rather than what we have to do?  For most the greatest challenge to overcome is the opinions of ...

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