How to get what you REALLY want in place of what you don

 Some people call it the world of the WooWho. If you’re like most, when you hear that thoughts can change your life you either run screaming or do what any rationale thinking person would do. You roll your eyes. So why am I writing about this when my life’s work is grounded in science? Because what I want to share with you is absolute. Science is finally beginning to quantify and prove it through research into quantum physics. ...

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You Can Choose The Outcome

We often feel that our lives and days and experiences are pretty much out of our control. Most people would say, “What happens, happens. There is not much we can do to change what happens during a day”. What we can do is alter how we react to situations and experiences as they arise. On Friday our water delivery came. My wife decided a few months ago to go with glass bottles because of chemicals in the plastic and the environment. ...

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