Why do dreams die?

Why Do Dreams Die?  We all have dreams.  We all have hopes and aspirations, passions and thoughts.  Some blossom into brilliant reality while others wither and die before ever taking form.  Many of us look upon the success of others and lives lived with passion and purpose, success and triumph and wonder why for them and not for me? There is a very real reason.  It all stems from the philosophy we take into the process.  All dreams and goals begin as a simple thought.  Emotion is the next step in the process that takes over and pushes ...

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Attitude is everything

The wisdom of a chalkboard.  This journey of life can be extremely complicated and then at times it can be incredibly simple.  All the actions and interactions, the thoughts and challenges, the triumphs and tears that go into any persons life creates a complex canvas where the brushstrokes are difficult to actually see.  Direction is key and it can often become blurred.  Purpose sadly eludes the masses.  Desire becomes mired in doubt and indecision.  Often times what we need is just a starting point.  If you are lost in a desert being pointed in the direction of water ...

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Protect their dreams

"Protect their dreams".  As parents we are gifted with and challenged by great responsibility.  The opportunity to nurture and love and protect a human being from birth is fascinating and scary at the same time.  We don't always get it right.  The wrongs over the years of being a parent could fill the pages of an encyclopedia. There are things we can do right and opportunities we have to make a great impact.  I have heard it said by myself and most other parents around me, "My kids are going to have it better growing up than I did".  Fair ...

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Expand your horizons

Expand your horizons.  Jim Rohn once said "You may not be able to do all there is to do but you should find out all there is to do".  There would appear to be a great limitation that fences us all in to what we believe is possible.  The greatest nemesis being our own mind and the thoughts that permeate from it.  The reality is that there is so much more that we all could accomplish, become, experience and affect.  We live in one home, inhabit one community, work at one company, have a limited circle of friends ...

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