How To Write The TRUE STORY OF ‘YOU’

What am I really capable of and what’s holding me back?

My life’s work is focused on understanding the power of the mind and helping others to move beyond what holds them back and make the shift towards their own true potential.

“Figure out what you want in life and go get it”

In essence that’s what we are all striving to do. Ah, sure easier said than done but if you do this and follow this I am confident you will move beyond the barriers holding you back and become what you may have thought impossible for a great many years. 

What I am sharing with you today I believe can open an incredibly important door for you in pursuit of your real potential. The process is to at first illustrate the barrier that holds everyone back and then provide the tools to finally begin to access your potential and live the life you have always been capable of living.

Without being conscious of the process we wake up each day and accept who we believe we are based on what has been previously written on the pages of the story of our lives.

  • These are your weaknesses 
  • These are your characteristics  
  • These are your past challenges 
  • These are your fears  
  • These are examples of what you have struggled with in the past
  • These are your limitations


  • ‘THIS’ is what others and the world have told you will not likely happen for you.

The army of writers who have contributed to your story are diverse and educated, at times close to you and often very convincing. You see what happens when we wake each day is the screenplay of who we are is all but written based on what we have been told and what we have experienced. What’s written onto the pages of your story make you accept the following:

  • You can have THIS but you can’t have THAT
  • You can become THIS but you can’t be THAT
  • You can go HERE but you can’t go THERE
  • You can earn THIS but you can’t earn THAT

Others can do the things you dream of, but NOT YOU!

You see this negative inner voice that we all hear is little more than a sophisticated record/playback system.  We are consistently and constantly  inundated with thoughts. Some 60,000 a day on average.  Here is the key to all of this.  

You can take a position of control

There are only two sources for our thoughts.  

Those created by what we are doing in this exact moment


Thoughts recalled from the sub-conscious mind from the memories of what we have been told and past experiences.


The thoughts recalled that remind us how to make our kids breakfast or drive a car or squeeze the toothpaste out just right are a wonderful mechanism and provide the ability to develop skills. However, the thoughts recalled that create doubt or replay past negative experiences are what hold us back and crushes our God given potential.  

Every bit of our potential to create, build and experience exists in this moment in time, not from replaying the information held in the files in the deep recesses of the mind.  

As powerful as the human brain is we can only process one thought at a time. Think of a thought as matter that fills a vessel. This vessel constantly needs to be filled. There is no such thing as the vessel being empty. When a thought is produced from either source it immediately fills the vessel of our current thought. It happens in a millisecond but again only one vessel can be filled at a time.

When a past negative file is recalled that vessel (your mind) is filled with that thought. When this happens the information appears very real. It feels like it is happening again, often complete with the emotions that were connected to it when it originally happened. This then provides proof that what we were hoping for in this moment is not likely possible. This is where we begin to doubt our potential. In order to become who we truly are capable of being we MUST find a way to override these negative thoughts and take action IN THE MOMENT to utilize our potential.

The first step is to begin to become aware of these thoughts. The replay of the information in the files of the sub-conscious mind. Once we do there are two distinct ways of dealing with them.

A) Recognize it and then work to try and push it out and come back to the current moment.  


B) Fill your mind with what is in front of you.  When you do this you in effect close the vessel from the old files and shut off the negative.  

Remember, the vessel fills in a millisecond. If we choose A, the vessel fills with the negative thought and we begin to ponder the message. When this happens we begin to become seduced by the ensuing emotion of the recall of this experience or negative event. We end up starting to overlay this information on top of the present moment or desire.

The past thought ends up becoming the barometer of our potential and it in effect writes our story of NOW

It implants doubt, which then impairs activity.  Activity ceases and our goal or dream fades to black. 

The best take away is to keep your thoughts focused on (filling the vessel with) thoughts of where you are in the moment and what you are doing and wanting. The necessary action (when repeated often enough will form a habit) is to focus on the story what you ‘want’. When you notice a negative thought filling the vessel turn the value back on to the present moment. To the screenplay of your life that you have written, not the one the world and the past has written for you.


Begin every day by writing in your journal. Every day take note of the blank page before you.

Every day take note of the pen in your hand and know you are the author of what will become an amazing story. Every day write exactly how you want your story to turn out this day. At the top of the page each day write, 

“On this page I and only I will be the author. Only I will write this story”

Be well,

Randy Taylor

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