Life's Most Powerful...

I want to be very honest and up front from the start. Words themselves do not create anything. Words that cause us to take action do. I’ll get to the most powerful word shortly. Having studied the science of human behaviour for the past 35 years and worked professionally for the past 16 years as an expert in human potential …………..I can tell you without question that the greatest ...

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The Words of A Teacher

WE ALL NEED TO HEAR THESE WORDS-KNOW THEY ARE TRUE There are times in life when the right person with the right words will show up at just the right time and have a dramatic impact on your life. For me it happened at age 16. The who was a gentleman by the name of Mr. Gretzinger. He was my guidance councillor. I grew up in poverty and parent alcoholism and violence that led to living on the streets at age 14. Once I reached 16, it ...

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It's All In Your Head

  Your Challenges are not real   Have you always felt deep down inside that you are capable of so much more?  If you do you’re not alone.  Most of us have an innate sense that we are capable of far more than we have yet we remain confused by what stops us and conflicted by what we need to do to make it happen.    YOU ARE NOT STUCK!   I work in the field of personal and professional development ...

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