The Big Bang Theory

It truly is fascinating to think for just a moment that everything man has ever created began in exactly the same way. When I sat down to write this I looked up the official definition. Here is how it is described. "The term Big Bang generally refers to the idea that the universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition and continues to expand to this day". How perfect the fit. That "hot and dense initial condition" is a great description of an idea. Perplexing that we can't measure the size or impact of an idea as ...

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Yours Are the Shoulders of Giants

The progress of the world has come about based upon the symbiotic relationship between those who have knowledge and those who search for it. The reason it works so well is because those who have knowledge derive such incredible self satisfaction from empowering the next in the chain with the hope that their work will be carried on to the next level. After a session today a client remarked how much he enjoyed teaching what he had learned over a lifetime to new recruits into his business. He said, "I would never ask for money for doing this. I do ...

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The Lazy Man's Answer to Success

I have come to know absolutes in this business of personal growth over the years. I know absolutely that we were all born perfect. I know absolutely that the challenges we may face on our journey relate to the experiences we have had and conversely the affect they have on our belief system. I know absolutely that any doubt can be changed into a belief. I know absolutely that it is possible to alter any behavior and to accomplish anything we set out for in life. I also know that without one powerful, magical, incredible ingredient it all remains fraught ...

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Your Attitude Matters

Jim Rohn once said, “People say that others should not judge you. Here's a clue. They do”. There's a fine line between how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. It's one thing to say that we don't care what others think of how we dress or how we act or how we speak, but fact of the matter is that the perception of the world around us will affect how it interacts and what it offers our own life. This interaction affects business, relationships, opportunities and experiences. I was presented with what it ...

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Emotion: The secret ingredient

There are three elements to life that produce results. They are opportunity, plan and activity. Without these three, life has the tendency to stay where it is. Look at where we live. Opportunity surrounds us everyday in the marketplace, in our communities and families. The chance to create a plan once a goal is chosen is available to you right this minute. Taking action is the spark that can ignite thought and push it towards the beginnings of physical reality. I'm certain I am not telling you anything you don't already know. The one ingredient that has the potential to ...

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The Definition of Commitment

The formula for success is what I work on deciphering every day. What is it that creates success? Sometimes in life we step up to the plate and hit the home run. While this does happen rarely, in most cases we are rewarded for continued effort towards the target. A couple of years ago I penned a phrase of what I believe is the key element of winning. That is commitment. The definition being, "The continuation of an activity in the apparent absence of results". That's one of the great absolutes in life. In order to arrive at a destination ...

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Pick More Daisies

Driving home from my last presentation today I started thinking about whether X-Factor would be on or not. Thinking about watching it and what I do for a living everyday actually made me laugh out loud. "What would my clients think" I mused "If they knew I was rushing home to watch X-Factor?" That thought made me realize in a moment how profound and important this really was. All day, most days, I work with clients trying to help them uncover their inner child. That authentic voice that we are all born with has the capacity help us go and ...

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Lessons From a Toaster

My, but don't lessons come from the most unexpected places. I sat at the island in my kitchen eating a sandwich yesterday and glanced over at the toaster on the counter. Its new, but fashioned after the old looking model of toasters. Very rounded looking with a matt silver finish like the ones you may remember from childhood. The maker, Delongi no doubt capitalizing on the nostalgia many of us may be drawn to. It started me thinking about how many things of the past that worked and were loved and served such a great purpose have been discarded over ...

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Why Not See?

"Why" is one of the great words in the English language. The word "why" evokes so many things to happen. Conversation and debate. Thought and conjecture. Arrested activity and last but not least; the most negative of all outcomes, the creation of doubt. Why? prods far too many to answer, "exactly" and walk away from what often was an inspired thought. I live in the world of helping others to wonder what's over that next mountain. The human spirit is at times an incredibly powerful force and at others as fragile as a snowflake. Being asked "why" at the wrong ...

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