Learn to Forget

Learn to ForgetWhat's behind me is not important.  That was a great line from a comedy I saw many years ago. The line was delivered by this gregarious man driving a convertible sports car at break neck speeds around hairpin turns down a mountain road while being chased by the bad guys. Without warning he reached up, tore off the rear-view mirror and tossed it over the cliff. At that ...

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The Deception of a Best Friend

Best FriendWe all need friends.  We all need people in our lives to talk to.  To reflect with.  To share ideas with, to laugh and love and experience great moments and challenges with.  We are also all disappointed and deceived on a regular basis by the one closest to us.  They deceive you, lie to you, beat you down, steal away your dreams and still you keep going back asking ...

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The Lender Of Time

The Lender Of TimeWe often lament the prospect that there are just not enough hours in the day.  Too many tasks and too few hours. Much like the adage that we have, "Too much week left at the end of the money".  Sadly, one of the first tasks to get tossed off of the priority list when pressed for time are those activities that actually allow us to grow as ...

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It All Matters

It All MattersIt all matters.  Gaining perspective as to where we are and what is going on in our lives often comes from reflection and gratitude.  Rarely in life does it become apparent in the moment why a certain event has transpired in our lives.  The truth is that the sums of our life experiences are responsible for creating who we are, where we are and what is possible tomorrow. &...

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Know Why You Want It

Know why you want it. Money that is.  When you really stop and think about it, in a society so driven by capitalism and the acquisition of money, it's strange that so little attention is paid to defining the why. You may hear others or say yourself, "I want to make this much money"  without really knowing why. Simply "having" the money does not create a sufficient connection.  In seminars ...

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Reflection"How can I improve my situation? How can I achieve all the things I want in life? How can I get from here to there"?   Great questions and no doubt questions you hear yourself say often. Often times the greatest tools at our disposal go unnoticed and underutilized. We keep searching, reaching, looking and hoping that the answers will come to us from "out there". The truth is that the ...

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Now I See It, Now I Don't

So much of the mystery of life centers around the discussion of the comparative of nature/nurture.  "Is who I am today the result of birth or experience"?  There is no question that certain aspects of life and behaviour are rooted in who we were when we drew our first breath but I expect the majority of what makes us who we are comes by way of the information we take ...

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The Neurosurgeon Without Training

Doubt is a horrible affliction of the mind.  Doubt is what walls are built of.  Doubt is the essence of potholes and boulders.  Obstacles and roadblocks.  Doubt is everything and in an instant can be proven to be nothing. Nothing because its not real.  It does not exist but only in the mind as a thought.  I share the question as often as I can that I found as a young ...

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