There is enough time

NBC or do it for me. Here is something I hear quite often. “I just don't have time to get any of my stuff done. I don't have time to work out or to read or meditate or relax or anything”. Sound familiar? If it does you are not alone. It would appear that we live in a hyper paced world today. Deadlines and snarled traffic. Families and financial responsibilities. Communication 24/7 and a things to do list longer than the Nile. “Where is it possible to find time for yourself?” There is time and it's all about choice. The problem is that we become so conditioned to specific timetables and expected norms. We get up in the morning. Shower, have breakfast. Go to work. Return home. Do our shopping. Feed our families. Put the kids to bed. Watch some TV and go to bed so we can repeat it all over again tomorrow. Ask yourself this. Is this your plan? Did you create it or buy into it. Here is where we have the flexibility of time. In the morning. If we got up an hour earlier than we do now here is what you have. Time. Lots more time. Time for yourself. Time to read, to go for a walk in the forest, to listen to music or exercise or any guilty pleasure you would like. “How is it possible?” Choice really. Just shut off the TV an hour earlier the night before when we are doing almost nothing anyway. All you need to do is look at the list of the things you would love to do and compare it to the latest reality show or sitcom re-run. If they are more appealing tuck the TV in an hour earlier and gift yourself with time. Here's what this means I guess. We have the ability to choose, “NBC or do it for me”? Have an excellent day.
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