The 30 minute threshold

The 30 minute threshold. This business of personal and professional development is not an exacting science. It can't be. No two of us have ever or ever will be the same. There are however general rules and guidelines to achieving our goals. Common sense philosophies like "All achievements are borne of action" provide clues as to how to get there. One of these such rules that I have found to be a constant is the length of time we take to act upon an inspired thought. "Inspiration without perspiration is the recipe for delusion" Jim Rohn once said. And so it goes. So many of us lose the connection to great potential and success because we wait far too long to act when we have an inspired thought. My own greatest personal example was in 1983 when I told a co-worker in my home that I wanted to work in radio. If he had not been the one to take out the phone book and tell me to make the call in all likelihood I would have said "Sure, good idea. I'll call on Monday". and Monday would have come and gone. If not for my friend Tom that day I have no idea where I would be. I am certain it would not be here. If we wait too long before taking action on an inspired thought all of the excuses of "why not now and why not me and why not ever" begin to be offered up by the sub-conscious mind and moment by moment we end up getting talked out of what just a short time ago was an exciting idea or thought. The sheen quickly wearing away on our potential and future success. Here's the answer I guess. Next time you have an inspired thought do this. Start something. Anything. Pick up a book, make a phone call, write a list, begin to research and do it well before the 30 minute threshold. Have an excellent day.
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