The sorcery of the calendar.

The sorcery of the calendar. So. The new year is beginning to set in and all of our hopes and dreams of what the year will bring still remain a pulse in your heart and a glint in your eye. "Will this be it?". Will this be the year when it all comes together and all the tumblers fall into place?". I spent the early hours of the morning thinking about this. I wondered if this fixation for us all on the new year in itself is a major contributor to our lack of results. Here's the conclusion I came to. The truth is that we get faked out and buy into the fanfare and exuberance of the new year, believing that is what is going to create change. “This new page in the calendar”, we believe will allow for an entirely new canvas for us to paint our masterpiece. Here's the reality. The date on the calendar has nothing to do with it. What we then must come to terms with is that in order for it to change we have to change. Period. Full stop. End of sentence. Here's what all of this means I guess. Ignore the date and determine what you need to change that will change your results. With all the talk of resolutions I would humbly offer that if you do make one commitment this year, agree to do this. Look away from the sorcerer of the calendar. Have an excellent day.
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