A Belated Gift

By now the plate of left over turkey is beginning to shrink, sweaters have found a home on the top shelf and pictures and video have captured the memories of another holiday season to be looked back over and cherished in years to come. I have struggled and thought long and hard what to get you. The people who read these words are made up of clients and subscribers, family and friends. People who mean a great deal to me. I wanted this gift to be something that would fit everyone, yet be special and unique just for you. Music is good but everyone's taste is different. Clothing was not practical and money too impersonal. What I decided to get you was something that is a rare commodity on earth today. While hard to find it has the power to explode ideas into potential and actually move mountains that stand in the way. My gift to you is Belief! Belief in yourself and in your purpose here on earth. Take this gift and guard it with your very life. It contains power far beyond what you or I or anyone truly can understand. Belief is what was behind the words of Martin Luther King. That belief allowed an oppressed people to rise up and witness the election of a president. Belief was the magic for Thomas Edison who pushed on through more than 2,000 experiments to create the electric light bulb. Belief in the words of President Kennedy allowed a man to walk on the moon and belief in freedom over centuries has beaten back those bent on enslaving the world in tyranny. You do not lack the intelligence or ability, opportunity or talents to become or have or go anywhere in this world your mind can imagine. Take this gift of belief in yourself and go out and shock the world. When you do, it won't shock me. I have always believed in you. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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