It can't affect you anymore.

It can't affect you anymore. Here is the process of self-limiting behaviour that steals away promise and success, possibility and potential. Something happens. The events in our lives or the experiences we have create an imprint or memory. That memory can be called upon at any time and replay past events in our lives. Often times it is the reliving of these past events that are the root cause of doubt and challenge. When you take just a moment to consider that the vast majority of what stops us are little more than thoughts, born of memories from the past, you can clearly see that what stops us is not real. It is void of substance and physical presence. Last week I drove up hwy 400 to a seminar in Orillia and passed through Barrie on the way. I noticed driving through that at the first cut-off adjacent to the highway a large field is there. The last time I drove by that field was taken up by Barrie Raceway. It's been 27 years since that mattered. 27 years ago I owned a company that provided the food services for the racetrack. 27 years ago I sold the business and went off into other pursuits. I realized driving by the open field that every time I saw the old race track the old memories of my time there came flooding back. Just having the thought I realized had no bearing on my reality today. I don't own a catering business. I don't work at a racetrack. All of that now is nothing more than a thought. The fact that the buildings are now gone brought that into clear view. Amazing to think that the process of stopping any activity that was moving us towards a goal is little more than a thought. A memory. The ghost of a past experience that is no longer here and has no real ability to alter your progress towards the prize. Know this. If it is the thought of a past experience that is stopping your activity, it can't affect you anymore. Have an excellent day.
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