Yours Are the Shoulders of Giants

The progress of the world has come about based upon the symbiotic relationship between those who have knowledge and those who search for it. The reason it works so well is because those who have knowledge derive such incredible self satisfaction from empowering the next in the chain with the hope that their work will be carried on to the next level. After a session today a client remarked how much he enjoyed teaching what he had learned over a lifetime to new recruits into his business. He said, "I would never ask for money for doing this. I do it because its what I love to do". Its what we all love to do. To have the world recognize just for a moment. Perhaps just for that instant that your immersion into one topic of skill or craft has risen to such a level that the passing of just that knowledge has value. These are the building blocks of legacy. I've been out of the broadcasting business for more than seven years and I still get calls from young people just starting out who are looking for an opinion or a bit of advice. Today I am in the business of teaching. Of sharing what I have learned over the years to allow others to peer inside and recognize their own God given potential. There is nothing more rewarding or humbling that to just be asked. Know this. It is not only rewarding to pass along freely what you have learned during your journey through life. There is an obligation. More than 300 years ago Sir Isaac Newton realized the process. He said, "If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants". Those who step in line behind you are looking to see just a bit further. For you as it is for anyone, understand that yours are the shoulders of giants. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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