The Definition of Commitment

The formula for success is what I work on deciphering every day. What is it that creates success? Sometimes in life we step up to the plate and hit the home run. While this does happen rarely, in most cases we are rewarded for continued effort towards the target. A couple of years ago I penned a phrase of what I believe is the key element of winning. That is commitment. The definition being, "The continuation of an activity in the apparent absence of results". That's one of the great absolutes in life. In order to arrive at a destination we have to suspend our doubts in the face of a lack of results and continue to do what we intrinsically know is necessary. I smiled when I did something yesterday for the 10th time without so much as a hint of results. Its something all parents will attest to. Our daughter is 2 1/2 and here's the routine. When she asks for something I remind her "Say please" and when she gets it I remind her "Say thank-you". Each time I do it, I hope that the next time she asks it will be immediately followed by a please or thank you. I think I'm up to reminder 2,738 by now. Still nothing. Here's what I know. If I continue. If I keep going reminding her again and again and again and again, one day, perhaps many years from now I will be rewarded with a "Daddy, can I please have a ______"???? When that day comes it will all fall into place and become worthwhile. This philosophy does not just apply to our P's and Q's. It is one of the primary commandments of success. If we don't make the sale we must call another client. If we don't hit the note we must continue to play the keys. If we don't fit into the little black dress we must continue to eat the salad. And so it goes. Take this one and write it down where you will see it every day. "The continuation of an activity in the apparent absence of results" That is the definition of commitment. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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