The Lazy Man's Answer to Success

I have come to know absolutes in this business of personal growth over the years. I know absolutely that we were all born perfect. I know absolutely that the challenges we may face on our journey relate to the experiences we have had and conversely the affect they have on our belief system. I know absolutely that any doubt can be changed into a belief. I know absolutely that it is possible to alter any behavior and to accomplish anything we set out for in life. I also know that without one powerful, magical, incredible ingredient it all remains fraught with effort and challenge and is described by that four letter word we call "work". Here is what changes everything. Passion. Passion is what I found after countless jobs and buying into the capitalist notion of trading life for money. The discovery of my passion came at age 28. I truly don't consider that I have "worked" a day since. Passion provides the fuel of life that allows for the investment in the activity of the moment that may not bring joy, but does bring with it the promise of the journey and its destination. There is no single aspect of personal growth that carries with it the weight of success that passion does. . Being able to identify your own passion in life provides that elusive reason why. Why am I here? Why am I doing this? Why does this all matter? If you are serious about the experience of personal growth and consider yourself, as Jim Rohn once said, "A serious student" then set about on your journey to discover your passion and vision in life. The time spent finding it will pay off in a life of, well, passion. Once you have it you will know why I call it the "Lazy man's answer to success". Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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