Why Not See?

"Why" is one of the great words in the English language. The word "why" evokes so many things to happen. Conversation and debate. Thought and conjecture. Arrested activity and last but not least; the most negative of all outcomes, the creation of doubt. Why? prods far too many to answer, "exactly" and walk away from what often was an inspired thought. I live in the world of helping others to wonder what's over that next mountain. The human spirit is at times an incredibly powerful force and at others as fragile as a snowflake. Being asked "why" at the wrong time under the wrong circumstances can push some to curl up and give up. Sitting in traffic on a downtown street today I noticed the word "why" painted on a storefront window. Something in my mind added a word next to it that entirely changed the context of how most of us view the meaning. I added the word "not". How different the definition and perception became by adding this simple 3 letter word. Now together they became a battle cry of promise and hope and offered up a crowbar to pry open the lid on all of our potential. Here's what I ask you to do then. Take these two simple words and make them your own. When you feel down or challenged or low on belief stand firm on the next hilltop and shout out. "Why not"? Why not learn all there is to learn? Why not become all I can be? Why not be the healthiest person I know? Why not become the one who pushes through instead of pulling up? Why not me? Why not now? Here is a philosophy that has the potential to push you up high enough that maybe, just maybe one of those oxygen masks may just drop down in front of you. For everything, all of it. For the sum total of what you are capable of do this. Why not see? Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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