The Big Bang Theory

It truly is fascinating to think for just a moment that everything man has ever created began in exactly the same way. When I sat down to write this I looked up the official definition. Here is how it is described. "The term Big Bang generally refers to the idea that the universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition and continues to expand to this day". How perfect the fit. That "hot and dense initial condition" is a great description of an idea. Perplexing that we can't measure the size or impact of an idea as they are all much the same at the inception. A thought. An electrical current traveling through neuropathways mixing bits of information from the neuronets (information storage centers) to form a thought or idea. Ideas are the womb of all that has been made by man. A thought of landing on the moon one day actually allowed for footsteps to be recorded there. A thought of new ways to transfer data marked the starting point of this information coming to you over the internet. I often tell the story of a group of people one day who were all sitting around talking. Some were sitting on the ground. Others on rocks. Still others on fallen logs. One in the group began to complain how uncomfortable it was to sit like this. Before long another in the group picked up a stick and scratched a rough design of a chair in the dirt. Some or all of this story is true. There actually was a day when "a chair" did not exist and came to be only after a thought. Here is what your thoughts and ideas are. Priceless. Without ideas the world would stagnate and regress. Appreciate your ideas. Guard your ideas from the naysayers who would blow out your initial spark of genius. There are two things that must be done to allow for any idea to transcend into reality. First and foremost you must believe. Adopt this statement to your great ideas, "I don't know how and I don't know when, but I absolutely know that this will come to life". Second is to take action. At the moment of inspiration, start something. Anything. Write it down. Begin to plan. Start to research. Begin to move towards. Ideas are like fireflies that flicker briefly and if not protected will go out. If we don't add to that initial spark right away, know that the sum total of your life experiences will likely let it go out. Just like The Big Bang Theory if your ideas are nurtured they will continue to expand. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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