Lessons From a Toaster

My, but don't lessons come from the most unexpected places. I sat at the island in my kitchen eating a sandwich yesterday and glanced over at the toaster on the counter. Its new, but fashioned after the old looking model of toasters. Very rounded looking with a matt silver finish like the ones you may remember from childhood. The maker, Delongi no doubt capitalizing on the nostalgia many of us may be drawn to. It started me thinking about how many things of the past that worked and were loved and served such a great purpose have been discarded over the years; replaced with new designs and new technology and new ideas. One of the things that it made me think of is how we do business today and how we market. The past twenty years has witnessed an explosion of technology, allowing us to reach thousands if not millions of potential clients with the click of a button. Automated voice call out computers scan the landscape for a possible sale. E-mails by the billions circle the globe everyday trolling for a hint of interest from the giant pool of human capital. Here is what I think has happened as a result. The majority of people have become desensitized and cynical by being approached these ways. Rarely today does anyone pick up a phone and call, write a hand written note or drop by and introduce themselves. If you think back not that long ago, that is how all of this was done. Through personal contact. Face to face, or voice to voice, or written word from one to another making a human connection and earning a potential client's trust and respect and ultimately business. Technology is great, but here is what will never change. People. We will always be people. We will always appreciate the contact and connection and interaction between one person to another. To see sincerity in their eyes, warmth in their voice or the firmness of a handshake. Next time you are thinking of throwing something out just because its old, look again. There just may be another lesson from the toaster. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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