"It's what we do with what happens that determines the people we become".

There is no lack of ability or potential or raw materials inside of you right now or at any time during your life. We all have experiences that go well and those that don't. If we allow the ones that don't to color our belief system we can end up looking down the barrel of despair. I arrived at an appointment in Hamilton early today and went for a walk to a small market in the downtown area. Within moments I was confronted with the memories of my past. Looking around I saw faces like the ones I ...

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"It all comes down to just one word".

During a seminar a woman tried to sum up, more as a question than a statement of acceptance what I was asking the group to do. "So you want me to just have faith?" she said. "Yes, I guess in a word that's what all of this comes down to". I replied. "Faith" is that non-tangible secret ingredient of life that is the catalyst that binds all that we are together and allows promise to gel into substance. Having faith is trusting in the incredible gift of creation that we are all a part of. Faith is knowing that we ...

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