Stop Stopping


This video begins with the question, “What happens if I stop stopping”. Close to 40 years of study into the science of human behaviour is contained in this one short video. The greatest challenge in life we will likely ever face is the voice of doubt in our head that challenges everything we are trying to accomplish. The process of failure and the path forward to success is clearly spelled out in this video. This is the cornerstone of the training Randy Taylor focuses on.


Key Points

There is one key process  that stops almost everyone from achieving their goals.

Ask yourself this question “If you set a goal, find out what’s necessary to achieve it, begin to invest in the activity and you don’t stop” is nearly everything possible? The answer of course is yes!

What holds almost everyone back is far less than the average person knows it to be. What has held you back in the past in almost every case had nothing to do with what you were currently doing. 


Take Away’s

  • This may be one of the greatest skills you will ever achieve
  • It is not something changed in an hour or a day but in a reasonable amount of time anyone can change and turn struggle into success
  • If there is something you have had difficulty with in the past, know it has nothing to do with you as a person but rather with experiences you have had in the past




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