How To Use Your True Potential

What are you really capable of…..

This question is as old as time. Connecting belief to what we are truly capable of is the greatest quest of mankind. Our greatest driver. Our true mission of our time here on earth. We all hear far too often that we have great potential. The question begs, “How do we begin to make use of it”?

Key Points

  • You will learn the origin of this feature dating back some 15 years
  • Of learning from life experience and defining the lesson to learn every day
  • The intention is to see a pathway forward to where they could go and become
  • Try and define what is the lesson to that.
  • The lesson of the untapped potential inside of us
  • The example of the cab driver and neurosurgeon

Take Away’s

  • There is not one of us that does not have the capacity to change
  • Attaining any goal requires only 2 things- the decision and commitment
  • Will there be challenges? Yes
  • Will there be effort required yes.
  • Can you become anything, yes?
  • It’s never too late
  • The great lesson from Harland sanders
  • You are a blank canvas-Paint something remarkable


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