Hiring Conference Speakers

You Don’t Have To Settle for

“Not Much”

Here’s the QUESTION to Ask: 

What if your people used what they learned?

Being tapped as the person to hire a speaker for an upcoming conference can be a daunting and stressful task.  Questions immediately arise when considering a choice of speaker,

  • Will they show up on time?
  • Will they be polished?
  • Will their message be on target with the audience?
  • Will their presentation be customized to my event?
  • Will they inspire and motivate?
  • Will their hour sound as good as their 3 minute demo video?
  • Will I be applauded or chastised when its over?

Satisfying all of the above is essential.  An in-depth interview should always be a part of the selection process.  You will get a great sense from the call if the speaker is who you are looking for.

However, the question that has remained unanswered for as long conferences have existed is,

“How do I get my people to actually implement what they learn”?

Think about this.  Conference organizers invest anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars creating and delivering choreographed gatherings bringing together staff, clients and suppliers together.  Growth, planning, education, goal setting, opportunities and celebration are common themes. 

Most conferences include speakers who are brought in to share a lifetime of expertise on specific topics and skills.  Unfortunately the long-standing acceptance of the impact on attendees is,

“If my people are able to take away one thing that would be good”

Really?.........................................Think about this statement for just a moment.  Vast amounts of resources, finances and time are invested in putting experts on the stage sharing exceptional knowledge with audiences who rarely use it.  It’s akin to paying for a full buffet dinner and only being allowed to eat a cracker.

Speakers bring a lifetime of expertise to the stage only to have it lost. 

Audience members have the “Jacuzzi experience”, walk out feeling inspired and uplifted in the moment only to have it dissipate and go away.

If this has been your experience or that of your people know you are not alone.

The missing link of the keynote presentation is that it does not fit the process of how human behaviour and learning  actually works. 

“I’m not likely to take something new I learned today and insert it into an already hectic life tomorrow and then repeat it often enough until it becomes a behaviour”


And if you think about it for just a moment, of course it won’t.  Learning and implementing a new skill or knowledge will require consistent reminders, follow up and accountability.

When hiring a speaker for your next event you can either work to devise your own system of follow up and accountability of what was taught with your people or ask the speaker if they are able to do this for your attendees.  Ask this question,

“What would the direct benefit be to your organization if your people actually implemented what they learned”?

For the past 16 years I have heard conference organizers discuss the need for a change to the outcome and for a system to assist with the implementation of information. 

To that end we have created the IMPACT SYSTEM to assist the conference attendees I speak to to go from learning to using.


I would very much welcome your feedback on this.


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