Life’s Most Important Conversations

Conversations you can change!

The most important conversations we will ever have are conversations we don’t have with anyone else. These are conversations we typically refer to as thinking but are the most important and are responsible for preventing us from being the person we dreamed of being.



Key Points

Conversations we have with ourselves

  • Why that I don’t wake up feeling more confident?
  • Why am I not getting the results I know are necessary to give me a better life?
  • Why am I not doing what I know I must do to have what I     want?
  • Why do I keep stopping?
  • Why don’t I believe in myself?


Take Aways

Not one of us was ever born with a doubt and it is the storage of the information in the files of the subconscious mind that is what is holding us back. You don’t need to go get something. You must work on improving your own belief and confidence.

This is what you must input into your subconscious mind. 

“I pledge once and for all to completely believe in myself from this moment forward. I am done listening to the opinions and voices of the world that have held me back far too long and they won’t anymore. I now understand that I have unlimited potential and will take action every day to become the person I have longed to be. No negative thought or doubt will ever hold me back. I am magnificent."




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My drive and passion in life is to help as many people as I possibly can believe in themselves more


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