How to Develop a Winning Attitude

”It’s Not the News”

The most important element of personal growth I have learned in nearly 40 years of study is that the strength of our belief determines who we become, what we can create and what we can have.


That runs counter to that is your enemy. 


This just in………Details are beginning to filter in of a breaking news story that could rock the foundation of modern civilization. The scope and dimension of this report could forever change the very foundation of one of the most closely guarded secrets since the creation of the atom bomb. Never has a story had such far reaching implications. The headline reads,

“It’s not the news”

What you ask?

“The news, it’s not the news”

What we purport to be the news in reality is nothing more than a voyeuristic peering into the anguish and tragedy from the four corners of the globe. 

I come at this from a unique perspective. 

For twenty year I was the news. As someone who spent two decades of my adult life immersed in that machine called the media, this finding has taken a great deal of soul searching. Coming to terms with and identifying what the news truly is was a slow process of realization. I was likely 6 years out before I had that,

‘come to Jesus moment’

It was a perplexing revelation to come to terms with the fact that what I was doing and how I made my living was not what it appeared to be. Don’t get me wrong. For all those years I really believed I was part of something substantive and important. I thought what we were doing truly mattered.

“I finally realized that like most aspects of the business, I was benefiting and capitalizing on the tragedy of others”

Sixteen years ago I traded hats and went from working in the media as a radio host to working with others to develop personal growth and human potential. The transition has dissolved the rose colored glasses of my perception of the media I clung to so tightly.

Since leaving the media to pursue my new vocation, questions began to percolate to the surface again and again. “how did my work benefit others and what legacy was I leaving behind?” Sadly, the answers were it didn’t and nothing of value.

So, with that said, lets examine what the news truly is. First and foremost it’s a business.  Make no mistake the news is business. 

Big Business

Like all business enterprises in a capitalist society a product is produced or service provided with the expectation of financial gain.

The financial gain afforded through the production and delivery of the stories in the media is enormous. The predominant function of news organizations is to gather the details and information relating almost exclusively to the tragedy of others. 

Oh sure, in order to legitimize it as news we are fed a smattering of shuttle launches and panda births, but the main message is to deliver the salient details of the horrors of human suffering. 

  • War
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Terrorism
  • Tragedy

and crime can be counted upon as the meat and potatoes of any news package worth its salt. Again and again I have been faced with questions. 

“Who does this information serve?”

“What is the benefit to you or I or the world?”

……….being informed is one thing. Being deluged with the intricacies of tragedy is another.

In trying to determine our value to humanity, one question mankind has struggled with for centuries is whether we are deserving of the fruits of our labor.

“Are we at peace with our own personal gains from the products we sell or the services we provide?”

Here’s what all this means I guess. The news is not the news. It is not a reporting of the events of the world. It is an insidious thief of life’s potential and a consistent knife into the heart of belief. If you are looking to grow and to become all you have been deserving of do this.


Have an excellent day.

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