Learning to Dance in the Rain

Learning to dance in the rain.  Take a moment and think of how many perfect days you have had so far in life.  I expect the answer is not in the thousands or likely even the hundreds.  The more I get to experience life the more I realize just how precious it is and how important all the hours in all the days are.  The mind has a way of tricking us into believing that if we can just get through “this”, then life will be great and we will be able to enjoy the day.  The truth is that life is like a ride in a car or an airplane.  Rarely do you go more than a moment between bumps in the ride.  The potholes on the road and updrafts in the jet stream take away that smooth sailing but we should still take the time to enjoy the ride.   Just because there is a bump in the road does not mean we shouldn't take in the spectacle of the mountain range in the distance.  If we feel a bit of turbulence it does not mean we should not stare down in awe at the magnificent beaches stretching out along the coastline of our new destination. Life is just like that. Life will always have bumps.  A disagreement, a lost client, the flu or a cold, the bitter winds of winter or a goal pushed off one more day into the distance.  Here is what not to miss.  All the great  moments interspersed and intermingled with all of life's bumps.  "The smile of a child.  The warm taste of your morning coffee.  The warmth of new boots or of a new friend".   I came across this quote yesterday and the words are what led to the writing of this perspective.  The author is an American R & B singer songwriter. She wrote.   "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. it's about learning to dance in the rain!"  We should all say thank you to Vivian Greene.  She's right you know. We should.  Have an excellent day.
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