What will be your legacy?

Leave someting beautiful behind. In study after study when defining employee satsifaction, salary or remuneration almost never make the top 3 on the list.  Belonging, mattering, making a difference always make the top 3.  Defining our purpose is an often pushed off component of life.  "Why am I here and what difference am I making" is I believe one of the great keys to living a balanced happy life. The definition of this extends beyond our time here on this journey.  "What will I leave behind?  What did my life stand for?  What impression will be left long after I am gone?"  I was provided with a great example of this while walking down the beach here in Florida. Early in the morning I found myself doing what most others were intent on.  Finding the perfect shell to take back to the land of ice and cold.  We collect shells because of thier beauty.  The shells I realized walking back are what's left behind after the journey is over for whoever had inhabited it before it washed up on the beach.  A great lesson and perspective came my way this morning that can show us all one of the key attibutes of life that is critical to a time well spent.  Listen to the philosophy of the beach and set in motion the plan to leave something beautiful behind.  Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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