It's all possible if you don't stop

If you keep going you'll find the wipers.  One question that I continue to ask in sessions and seminars is this.  "If you set a goal, find out what is necessary to achieve it, begin to invest in the activity and you don't stop is any goal possible"?  The resounding answer from most everyone is "of course".  Given this, what is necessary to have what we desire then is to "stop stopping".  During the early morning hours of any pursuit it feels strained and difficult and unknown.  The reason being that it's new to us.  The effort required must in the early going come from a conscious mind perspective. That is we must focus on it consciously and make ourselves do it.  In effect it ends up being work.  This is where most get derailed en route to their destination.  This "work" and the effort that ensues begins to create doubt.  The sad reality is that most stop likely just shy of the goal without ever knowing it. Any thought, action or activity that we invest in over a sustained period of time (2-3 months) will eventually transfer from the conscious to sub-conscious mind.  When this happens it becomes a habit and ceases to be work.  I've taken note of this of late. Having just taken delivery of a new car, that "fits like a glove" feeling of knowing where everything is has been missing in action.  The switch to adjust the seat back and forth is at the side and not on the front. The gas tank is on the right and not the left.  And the wiper switch is an arm on the left of the driving column rather than the right.  I can't tell you how many times over the past few weeks I've reached to the right looking to clear the window.  Here's what I know with absolute certainty.  It will pass.  It better because I've just taken on a 4 year lease.  I expect long before that happens I will reach up out of habit once again and hit the switch.  The old habit will die on the vine.  Here's what this all means I guess.  They all will.  Die on the vine that is.  The old habits we are looking to replace will fade to black if you commit to one simple act.  You don't stop.  That's it.  That's all.  The lesson is this.  If you keep going you'll find the wipers.  Have an excellent day.
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