The Power of Your Words

Your words will come back to you.  The subject of getting what you are getting by doing what you are doing has been discussed and debated and pondered for generations.  "You reap what you sow"  is likely the most famous, coming from the Bible, Galatians VI.  What a great philosophy of life in just those few words.  We reap health when we go to the gym. We reap educated children when we take the time to teach them.  We reap a bank account through the exchange of goods and services. Whatever we put out comes back to us in kind.  Words follow much the same path. Words have great power.  Words can build up and words can tear down.  Words create relationships and corporations, political movements and a bond.  I was putting my little girl to bed last night and I was confronted by my own words.  As I carried her down the hallway she looked up at me and said, "You have a good sleep daddy.  I love you daddy.  I'm proud of you daddy".  The last phrase stopped me in my tracks.  She's not yet 3 and the feeling that came over me when she said that is something I can't describe.  It made me realize that maybe, just maybe all the times I have told her how proud of her I am she felt like I just did.  Overwhelmed.  Loved.  Like I belonged and made a difference.  If my wife had not heard her say it I'm not sure I would have had the impetus to write this perspective.  Know this. The words you choose.  The words you say.  The words that convey to others of how you think and feel and communicate matter.  I learned tonight they matter more than I could have imagined.  Whatever goes out will return.  Your words will come back to you.  Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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