Leadership means staying focused

"Don't get distracted by the shiny things". "If you want a wonderful authentic life, stay focused on what matters".   That sure is easy to say and certainly not so easy to do.  Those things in life that distract and keep us from our own path don't often hold up to scrutiny upon reflection.  The truth is that the world is rushing towards us at, well, the speed of life.  It's not easy to filter out what's real and what matters from what does not earn or deserve our attention.  Being aware and grounded in our own values I think is a good place to start.  Having our own life view firmly planted in our minds can keep our guard up and ward off the demons of distraction.  If health is your vision, hold firm against the temptation of the double bacon cheeseburger.  If trust is the fabric of your being draw your sword when unsavory business comes your way.  If family identifies who you are, look away from the glare of short term temptation and gratification.  This all came to mind yesterday when I heard of the announcement that Canada had been loaned two giant pandas from China.  The loan is expected to last for 10 years.  A price tag of $1 million a year was put on the gesture.  Our prime minster was crowing of how strong this gesture is and how it proves the commitment to Canada from China.  This is the bobble.  I did some research a few months back about the trade balance of lack thereof between Canada and China.  Here's what I found.  Back in 1995 trade between our two countries was about even.  Today China exports ten times to us what we ship to them.  The imbalance translates to many, many billions of dollars.  To put this into perspective, a billion dollars in GDP translates into about 10,000 jobs.  Hardly a fair trade off for a couple of over-sized bears.  Here's what all this means I guess.  Decide what matters to you and keep your guard up.  Don't get distracted by the shiny things.   Have an excellent day.
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