Pull the Trigger

What is possible inside of all of us for today and tomorrow and the rest of our time here sadly remains pent up for most. During a presentation today I flipped to the next slide and saw a picture of a runner in the starting blocks. What we were talking about was elite performance and what it takes to not only define it but to engage in the activity to bring it into reality. While driving back after the presentation the picture stuck in my mind. The picture of the runner holding fast to the starting blocks. What came to mind was not only elite performance but all forms of growth and challenge. Of dreams and potential and possibilities. As human beings we don't lack the imagination or potential or God given abilities to arrive at our point of destination. We only lack the action. Ask yourself this question, "How many times have I thought about starting something but put it off for another day". For most of us when the other day arrives the excitement and anticipation of doing this or becoming that has lost its sheen. Here is what creates forward motion and success. Taking action. Adopt this philosophy then. When you are inspired to begin something, then begin it. If you want to improve your health, learn a new skill, see an exciting part of the world, grow a relationship, increase your wealth or make an impact on your fellow man don't allow the thief of the mind to conjure up all the reasons why perhaps this is not the best time. Push that voice aside and pull the trigger. If you do, you will be sailing down the track towards the finish line while the world sits crouched in the starting blocks. When you have an idea is it difficult to take action? On your mark, get set, have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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