That Will Happen When an Apartment Building Flies!

The goals we set in life can appear monumental and so out of reach. The simple act of doubt is what can water down dreams and turn goals into wishful dalliances. Here's where I think all this comes from. Comparatives and averages. We live in a time when most everything we would want or become has been accomplished. I know this won't always be the way but for now it's a relatively safe bet. As such then we are easily able to compare our own lot with that of those who have what we long for. The fewer the comparatives the lower the statistical averages and the more our doubt seems to be grounded in reality. Nonsense. Last night on route home from a seminar in PEI, I had to catch a connecting flight in Montreal. We flew in on a 50 seat puddle jumper. The connecting flight from Montreal was on a behemoth called a Boeing 777. It's been a while since I was on a jumbo jet of this type. The plane held 440 passengers, was 209 ft long with a 212 foot wingspan. I looked online today and found out that it tips the scales at 656,000 lbs! Sitting near the back of the plane and looking down the endless isle to the front I couldn't help but feel that it was like riding on an apartment building in the sky. How was this possible? How was it that we figured out how to take what amounts to an enormous building, fill it with hundreds of people and their luggage, toss in several thousand gallons of fuel, cases of beer, boxes of sandwiches and pretzels and leave the safety of the earth? Think about it. How does whatever you imagine having or becoming in your lifetime compare to this? The next time that doubt creeps into your head know this. That WILL happen because apartment buildings truly do fly. Have an excellent day.
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