The Power of Leadership

Being a leader is a key element in all forms of human existence and interaction. Leadership is perhaps the most discussed and least understood aspect of business and life. Most relate leadership to power, and it is. Where the power is derived from is often mistaken. The misnomer is that a leader does not exhibit power but rather derives power from others. They are merely the conduit. The existence of power does not come from the leader but rather to the leader. The greatest quality of a leader is to instill an unshakable belief in another. It is after all the firm belief of the individual in themselves that is the key ingredient that fosters growth. It is the cumulative affect of growth then that creates power for the leader. I woke up this morning thinking about my early foray into coaching. I realized it was not my teachings or knowledge that created success in my clients as much as it was my unwavering belief in them as an individual. "You can do this" I told then and I believed it with all my heart. It was my belief that made them believe. It was their belief that made them succeed. My only success I realized was rooted in theirs. This realization grounded me once again to what my ultimate purpose in life is. To instill in others my absolute belief in them. Adopting this philosophy will position you as a true leader. The transfer of potential to reality in another is the magic elixir of success for the one charged to lead. When you make others believe, then and only then will you know the power of a leadership. What do you believe is the greatest quality of leadership? Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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