Another Monday in the Bowl of Jelly Beans

We all get one; a bowl of jelly beans. The jelly beans represent our days. What transpires in all of our lives is that we begin each day as an unknown. That's the fascinating aspect of life I guess. The not knowing. The anticipation of what each day and month and year and life will bring. I wrote about this quite a long time ago, when during a seminar I was attempting to illustrate how important each day is. How precious each and every moment we are given are. I told the story of the jelly beans. In this story when we are born we are all given a huge jar of red jelly beans. Each day we are here on this earth we are allowed to take out just one. What we don't know is what is inside of each jelly bean because they all look pretty much alike. What we can never know are the ingredients inside each bean because you see they are all different. No two jelly beans are the same. One may include a flat tire, a fight with your spouse and a fine egg salad sandwich for lunch. Another may sprout forth a new client or an interesting movie or the first meeting of a new friend. Still others, hidden amongst the thousands in the bowl are those rare gems that offer an opportunity that will change your life and bring forward all the gold and happiness you could imagine. The tragedy of life is that we get so used to allowing the days to pass without interest that we unknowingly toss away the very jelly bean we so desperately wanted and needed. Sadly, once the jelly bean of the day is cast aside, we will never get to taste it again. "Today is Friday" the world cheers. That exuberance will soon turn to a moan come Monday, once again lamenting the passing of a weekend. Don't fall into that trap and toss away any of the days. You see there are no days to be wasted in the bowl of jelly beans. Do you waste too many todays waiting for tomorrow? Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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