Yes We Can

Believing that reaching for the stars and making it is reserved for others is one of the great human flaws. Those in life that we look upon and wonder how they achieved what they did for too many remains the puzzle. The adage "for them and not me" is a refrain as common as black flies in June. Amazing really that our belief in others can be so strong and yet so fragmented when we look in the mirror. If you asked anyone who has made it they will no doubt look puzzled when asked how they got there. Their response would no doubt be "why not you"? Yesterday I was sent an email with a photo attached that spoke to this exact point. The back-story is about a young boy who fell in love with sports, went to university and got a degree in business and then landed a big job before walking away from it all to follow his passion. Two weeks after calling the World Series for ESPN this boy turned broadcaster was picked to call the play by play of a college basketball game that was held aboard an aircraft carrier for the troops. Included in the crowd of 25,000 military fans in attendance was President Obama. The picture sent to me was of the broadcaster shaking hands with the president. The reason I was sent the photo was because the broadcaster is my brother in-law Dan Shulman. I know how powerful his dream was. I know how hard he has worked. I know he's just a guy who had a dream and who beat back the voice we all hear one day at a time that limits what we are capable of and the magic that lies inside. Looking at the picture of the two of them shaking hands and sharing a moment I couldn't help but recall those three words that landed the unlikely African American son of a single mom in the office of president. “Yes we can”. It's not just a campaign slogan but a statement that we all can embrace to take us to limits the mind is not currently willing to allow us to believe. The formula is there for us all. Discover your passion in life, find out what it takes to achieve it, begin to move forward it and don't stop. I am so proud and so thrilled of what Dan has achieved. Not only for himself and his family but for the example he has set for us all to believe in the power of our dreams. You must know that this is true for us all. Repeat this statement often. Yes we can. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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