How To Really Live - What is Your Philosophy?

Life is not just about money

              In the movie Forest Gump, he was sent a letter from his lawyers telling him his money had been invested and he was now worth a fortune and he would not have to worry about money ever again.  He thought for a moment and said,

“Well that’s good.  One less thing to worry about”

I want to be clear that this is not a repudiation against success and wealth. We are all deserving of much at the service of others. However, I know that may be counter to the philosophy of society, but there is so much more than making money and climbing the corporate ladder that matters in life. One of the great traps we fall into in life is the edict that we must be great providers for our families at all costs.

"My children will have it better than I did as a child". 

This philosophy and notion stems from two places really. One, from the absolute place of love for our children that it truly matters that we provide a great life for them while under our charge. Second, and most important, this notion stems from the push of a society that tells us constantly this is what we should do.

"If we were good parents we would buy them these clothes and take them on those trips and provide this computer and that home and this car and on and on"

Sadly, the price of that great chase on the hamster wheel of life ends up costing us our hopes and goals and dreams.

"If my sole purpose in life is to merely provide for the next generation, then what was this all about?  Is this the only purpose my life served?" 

In truth what ends up happening is that the generation we are looking to provide for, lose inspiration for their own future by watching the example of those struggling to provide so much for them. They look at us and say,

“I don’t think there’s anything to look forward to when I grow up”

Not only are they not able to be "with" the person they are trying to provide for, but their own goals are negated almost entirely in this pursuit.

For sure we should do our best and provide well for them, but what they should also see us doing is to strive to lead our own authentic, exciting, fascinating, challenging, fruitful and successful lives. Our most important job is to set the example to show those we love what is possible on the path that they will walk.

The bible tells the story of giving a man a fish or teaching him to fish. Living a great life will do more to teach your children to live large than all the video games you could possibly buy. Have an excellent day.



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