We Become What We Focus On


One of the great questions of life is,

“How do we create what we want and become the person we expect we truly are inside”

At the most basic level here is the process of life we must understand. Action creates a result. Inaction creates nothing. The challenges you may be experiencing have nothing to do with your ability. They are completely interrelated and connected to what you believe.

  • What we believe is linked to what we experience.

  • The key to all of this is to know that the information we take in over a lifetime creates files of information stored in the subconscious mind.

  • It is the recall of this information and the treatment of it as if it were real in the current moment that holds us prisoner of our past.


In this video we covered;

  • The story of the psychology professor

  • The constant focus on how many we get wrong instead of how many we get right

  • The power of observational focus

  • Training the mind to engrain the positive

  • The impact our communication has on others

  • Growing belief and confidence is the key



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My drive and passion in life is to help as many people as I possibly can believe in themselves more.

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