If you don't see the opportunity, give it a day

It turns out that the story was not as it was spun, but word had it that back in the early 1900's the director of the patent office was considering tendering his resignation because everything that could be invented already had.  I'm sure to many throughout history it would appear that the opportunity for bringing something new to the marketplace was fading to black.  I was reminded just how quickly things can change over the weekend.  While doing a mid winter spring cleaning we were debating what to do with the array of DVD's and VHS tapes that fill the ...

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When You Just Keep Walking

This is my hope for everyone. That you keep walking.  Once you decide where you want to go and more importantly why, then what needs to be done is to strap on a good pair of shoes and start walking.  An interesting thing happens when you start walking and you don't stop.  From time to time you get to look over your shoulder and it gives you a perspective of just how far you have come.  Before long your house gets smaller and smaller until you can't see it anymore.  Then your street disappears out of sight.  Pretty soon you ...

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Don't Miss the Funny

Emotions are the barometer of life.  Emotions determine how our lives are going day-by-day, hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute.  This makes us sad.  That makes us excited.  Another thing makes us afraid.  I have long held the belief that Freud was wrong when he espoused that sexual desire was the absolute driving force in life.  That may be a part of it but I firmly believe that it is 11 muscles in our face that determine our life's satisfaction.  These 11 muscles are what make it possible for us to smile.  It's the lazy man's answer to a life of fulfilment.  Afterall, it takes 23 ...

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The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

I quite love the classroom of the world.  We never get to know where the next lesson will come from or when.  We humans seem to live great conflicted lives during great conflicted times.  "What is the prize?  What is this all about?  What is the meaning of my life?  Am I doing all I can to become all I am deserving of"?  The last has become my life's work.  To take what I have learned over all these years and use it to help others tap into their true potential.  This whole process of personal growth however can at ...

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The seeds of passion

It all matters. Everything in life has a point and offers the chance to see our lives from a different perspective or to have our own, sometimes fledgling beliefs strengthened.  This story came to me before, but the words written on the pages of the book given to me as a birthday present from my father-in-law settled into that part of the brain where I took notice. The book is called "The Last Lecture".  Many of you have likely heard of the story of the young professor who, when faced with certain death from pancreatic cancer decided to do for ...

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When will you pull the trigger on change?

There are great mental gymnastics that go on for many who consider change.  When should I quit smoking?  When should I start doing my push ups?  When should I commit to spending more time to my children?  When should I take charge of my career and do what I know must be done daily to take me to where I want to go?  We get misled into believing that "soon" is a remedy to the challenge. A phrase was resurrected by Barak Obama in the U.S. during his first run at the presidency. Quoting words from the late Martin ...

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You don't have to stay inside the lines

She gave me the Spiderman coloring book and kept the Batman (Batman is both of our favorites, but she's 5 so I let her keep it). We both sat coloring for quite some time at his little craft table set up in the kitchen. Trading colors I did my best to color inside the lines.  This is what we are taught, right?  To color inside the lines.  After some time I looked over at Faith's picture and every color spilled out onto the page.  She looked at my picture and said, "Look at mine daddy.  Mine is the best.  Look at ...

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Just a Moment in Time

Face it, we live in a world that attempts to put everything in a box and compartmentalize every aspect of our lives.  We sleep for this many hours.  The workweek is five days. The weekend two. The year weighing more heavily than a month or a week or a day.  I will achieve this in the third quarter and reach my quota by days end.  Not true.  Here is what life is.  When we are born we take in our first breath.  When we die we let out our last.  That's the only real measurement of our time here.  That, ...

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What's the real prize?

Where is the real prize?  We all can get sucked down that rabbit hole chasing after what appears to be the shiny things only to learn far too late in life that most of it was just an illusion. The other day after my morning meditation my sister-in-law and I started talking (e-mailing really-she lives 2 hours away) about something and began to chat about how the truly great things in life get overshadowed by what we are told should matter. We are pushed to earn the money and to earn the power and to acquire the 'stuff' when the truth ...

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