Just a Moment in Time

Face it, we live in a world that attempts to put everything in a box and compartmentalize every aspect of our lives.  We sleep for this many hours.  The workweek is five days. The weekend two. The year weighing more heavily than a month or a week or a day.  I will achieve this in the third quarter and reach my quota by days end.  Not true.  Here is what life is.  When we are born we take in our first breath.  When we die we let out our last.  That's the only real measurement of our time here.  That, and of course what we do with all the moments.  What will we do with just this moment? I was caught by one this morning.  It's the fall and I love this time of year.  Walking out the front door the glare of the sun made me look away for just a moment. When I looked back I was staring straight into the magnificent fall colors of the neighbors maple tree. It's one of the first to turn. Nature's canvas can be breathtaking.  This picture instantly brought back memories.  Great memories hiking along the Niagara escarpment with my dog as a boy.  More recent movies played back in my mind of hiking in the forest with my kids.  That shuffling crackle of leaves beneath your feet is like no other. Trips to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect specimen for the front porch.  Thick sweaters and hot chocolate and the fresh smell of pumpkin pie.  Amazing really when thinking back as I write this that all those thoughts came forward in not more than a moment.  All of it coming to life from a glance at a maple tree in full fall color.  I'm sure glad I didn't miss it. That's the lesson I guess.  If we don't take the time to take it in more often, then that thread that joins our first breath to our last will be fragmented and broken.  It's the moments that string together great lives. There is no big bang theory as it applies to the human experience.  "Life is just a collection of great moments".  Make certain that you have your share.  Have an excellent day.
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