What's the real prize?

Where is the real prize?  We all can get sucked down that rabbit hole chasing after what appears to be the shiny things only to learn far too late in life that most of it was just an illusion. The other day after my morning meditation my sister-in-law and I started talking (e-mailing really-she lives 2 hours away) about something and began to chat about how the truly great things in life get overshadowed by what we are told should matter. We are pushed to earn the money and to earn the power and to acquire the 'stuff' when the truth is that all of what we are pushed and prodded to do should only be a means to get to what matters most.
  • We work long grueling hours so we can provide for our families and then not spend time with them. Being 'with them' was the prize after all.
  • We live with stress, gripped by the fear that bad things might happen. They don't of course but still we missed the joy of the moment we feared we would lose.
  • We strive for power when truly all we wanted was to be loved. It was there all along but we missed it in search of becoming superior.
  • We work and agonize and strive to become someone the world tells us we should be when true peace and the magic of life was there all along. Just being you is the greatest thing you could ever achieve.
  We are all deserving of nice things but in pursuit of your own happiness stop and get quiet for a few moments and ask, 'Where is the real prize"? Have an excellent day.
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