Now you see them, now you don't

Now you see them, now you don't.  I can say with full confidence that for every one of us opportunity exists everywhere.  That's why they call this "the land of opportunity".  Just outside of our door, down the street, across town, in another province or on the internet they are there if you look.  Opportunities.  Opportunities to meet new friends, to earn new clients, to discover new ideas and learn new skills.  Opportunity is the seed of the oak tree.  Without opportunity nothing grows.  I also know that on some days they are hard to see.  On the days when we work and toil and try and don't find.  Those are the days when opportunity may seem elusive and unkind.  I thought about this early this morning sitting in my hot tub on the back deck.  It's my one great luxury of life and I use it every morning and every night before bed.  Looking up this morning I took note that I couldn't see them.  They were right there and now they were gone.  The stars.  Looking up in this exact spot last night I saw them all.  Orion's Belt, Cassiopeia, The Milky Way; the billions of starts that light up the night sky.  A show of light that has been going on for billions and billions of years. It struck me this morning looking up that opportunity is like the stars.  Sometimes they are so visible you feel like you could reach out and touch them.  Other times you can't see them at all.  Here's what I know.  They are there. They are always there.  Just because a cloud gets in the way from time to time does not mean that they are there.  As Jim Rohn once said, "What happens, happens to us all.  It's what we do with what happens that determines the people we become".  Know this.  The opportunities are there for us all.  "Now you see them, now you don't".  Have an excellent day.
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